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Name:                   REZA HOSSEINI-ABARDEH (Professor)

Phone:                   98-21-6454 3433

Fax:                     98-21-66419736

Mailing Address: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, 424 Hafez Ave, P. O. Box 15875-4413 Tehran-Iran





PhD                       1981   Brunel University, England (UK)

MSc                       1977   Brunel University, England (UK)

BSc                        1971   Ferdowsi University, Mashed Iran



2011- Present         Head of Thermo-Fluid group (Mechanical Eng. Dept.)

2007-2009            Associate Dean of Research (Mechanical Eng Dept)

2006-2007            Head of Thermo-Fluid group (Mechanical Eng. Dept.)

1998-2004            Director of Power Generation Research Centre of NRI (Niroo Research Institute)

1991-1998            Higher Education Advisor (Ministry of Culture and Higher Education) Ottawa Canada

1988-1991            Member of Board of Directors and Head of Design and Engineering Dept of Azarab


1984-1986            Deputy of Ministry of Energy (Education)

1983-1984            Chancellor of Amirkabir University of Technology

1981 -                     Academic member of Mechanical Eng. Dept., Amirkabir University of Technology




Heat Transfer (General)

Direct Energy Conversion

Radiation heat transfer (Theory and Application), solar energy conversion (to heat and electricity)

Application of Selective Surfaces in Solar Collectors




1. Heat Transfer (Undergraduate) I, II

2. Direct Energy Conversion (Graduate)

3. Radiation Heat Transfer (Graduate)

4. Application of Solar Energy (undergraduate)

5. Energy storage (Graduate)

6. Renewable Energy (Graduate)



1- Use of PCM materials in cooling of photovoltaic solar collectors

2. Heat transfer in rotating disk (vertical, inclined and horizontal)

3. Heat transfer in eccentric vertical annulus, natural and forced convection

4. Modelling and Calculation of a Media Evaporative Cooler

5. Solar water heater equipped with reflectors and concentrators

6. Non-grey non-isothermal gas radiation in two and three-dimensional conduit

7. Heat transfer from stationary and rotating cylinder (inclined, horizontal and vertical)

8- Combine photovoltaic and thermoelectric effect.

9-Combined PVT solar collectors.




Journal Publications:


Reza Hosseini, Sadegh Poozesh, and Saeed Dinarvand “MHD Flow of an Incompressible Viscous Fluid through Convergent Channels in Presence of a High Magnetic Field”. Journal of Applied Mathematics Volume 2012, Article ID 157067, 12 pages, Hindawi Publishing Corporation.


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Ayat Ghareghani, Reza Hosseini Abardeh, Seyyed Mostafa Agha Mirsalim, Seyyed Ali

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 March 13-17, 2011.


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12-14 July, 2010.


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On Education and Technology (In Farsi): 


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Best MSc project supervision (Ali Nasab Award), ISME Conference, Isfahan-Iran, 2004.

Best presented paper at Foresight, Technology and Development Vision Conference 2006, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran-Iran, 2006.

Best BSc project supervision, ISME conference, Kerman-Iran, 2008.

Best B.Sc project supervision in Thermal Fluid, Amirkabir University of Technology, 2008.

Best B.Sc project supervision in thermal fluid, Amirkabir University of Technology, 2009.