Faculty Introduction

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The faculty of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1957 at the same time as the establishment of Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) and began its official activity by accepting undergraduate students in 1958. This faculty, with about 50 faculty members, has a great impact on the scientific production of the country and has an important role in the country's industry. Currently, the scientific activities of the faculty continue in three bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees; Undergraduate students are majoring in general mechanical engineering and mechanical-manufacturing engineering. The master's course is offered in five majors: Applied Design, Energy Conversion, Manufacturing, Mechatronics, and Welding Engineering, and the doctoral courses in mechanical engineering has been started since 1990.
With its well-equipped laboratories and workshops, the faculty enables students to apply their learned concepts and theories practically and prepare themselves to enter the country's industry. These laboratories and workshops include the following:
List of laboratories and workshops
Laboratory or workshop name Row Laboratory or workshop name Row
Strength of Materials Lab 18 Heat Transfer Lab 1
Mechatronics Lab 19 Fluid Mechanics Lab 2
Dynamic systems and Control Lab 20 Thermodynamics Lab 3
Automatic Control Lab 21 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Lab 4
Acoustics Lab 22 Precise Measuring Systems Lab 5
Vibration and Control Lab 23 CAD-CAM Lab 6
Energy Conversion Lab 24 Robotics Lab 7
Specialized Welding Lab 25 CNC Lab 8
Mobile Robot Lab 26 Electrophysical Process Lab 9
Robotics and Automation Lab 27 Machining Research Lab 10
Composite Material Lab 28 Material Science Lab 11
Advanced Speed Measuring Lab 29 Parallel Processing Lab 12
Industrial Radiography Lab 30 Experimental Analysis of Stress Lab 13
Casting Workshop 31 Non Destructive Testing Lab 14
Machine Tool Workshop 32 Dynamics of Machines and Vibration Lab 15
Automechanics Workshop 33 Metal Forming Lab 16
Metallurgy, Heat treatment, and Corrosion Lab 17


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