Manufacturing Engineering

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The Master of Mechanical Engineering- Manufacturing Engineering course is a collection of courses and research projects on the frontier of knowledge, which is planned to train specialists for industrial, educational, and research centers. In this course, students become familiar with analysis, modeling, and experimental activities to present and optimize new manufacturing and production processes to produce the optimal product.The main and strategic objective of this field is training specialists that can increase the scientific and technical ability, the ability to understand and analyze and solve problems in the field of Manufacturing Engineering and industrial problems of the country.
Different research fields in this field include: Various research fields in this field include: metal forming, robotics, and automation, machining and instrumentation, computer-aided design and construction, non-destructive testing, design, and optimization of manufacturing processes, quality measurement, and control, welding, special production. , Incremental production, micro construction, etc.
Graduates of this field can work in various industries such as electricity, aerospace, defense, oil and gas and petrochemical industries, automobile manufacturing, construction of electrical equipment and power plant industries, steelmaking, etc.

Manufacturing and Production Courses
  Course Table      
* SUBJECT CODE UNITS Prerequisites
1 Advanced Mathematics (I)      
2 Seminar      
3 Project      
4 Welding      
5 Metallurgical manufacturing processing      
6 Metal forming      
7 Metal forming analysis      
8 Sheet metal forming analysis      
9 Advanced Heat treatment      
10 Metal coating      
11 Advanced non-destructive testing      
12 Special topics - Design and analysis of multi-stage forming tools      
13 Plasticity      
14 Finite Elements      
15 Application of Finite Elements in manufacturing and production      
16 Machine tool control and test systems      
17 Machining & tooling systems      
18 Electrophysical processes      
19 Computer-aided process planning (c.a.p.p)      
20 Advanced computer-aided design &manufacturing      
21 Advanced hydraulics and pneumatics      
22 Automation in production      
23 Artificial intelligence and expert systems      
24 Scheduling &production & quality control      
25 Advanced Robotics      
26 Grindingtechnology      
27 Surface Finishing Methods      
28 Design of machine tool components and structures      
29 Mechatronics (I)      
30 Advanced numerical method      
31 Fracture Mechanics      
32 Creep, fatigue, and failure      
33 Designing and Statistical analysis of experiments      
34 Advanced automatic control      
35 Composite materials      
36 The vibration of Continuous Systems      
37 Robust control      
38 Digital control systems      
39 Adaptive Control      
40 Theory of plates and shells      
41 Continuum mechanics (I)      
42 Neural Networks      
43 Special topics - Microelectromechanical systems      
44 Computational intelligence      
45 Signal processing      
46 Machine vision      


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