Faculty Information

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 echanical Engineering Department was founded in 1957 offering B.Sc. courses in mechanical engineering; The M.Sc program was established later in 1971. This Department was one of the first in the country to inaugurate Ph.D. programs in mechanical engineering.

Today, the Department has 48 active faculty members and enjoys substantial support by the industry.

The department's activities are divided into three main categories; undergraduate course, postgraduate course and industrial research based activities. We offer a four-year undergraduate course, which leads to the B.Sc. and a two year postgraduate course leading to M.Sc. degree of the Amirkabir university of technology.  Ph.D research programs are also available in different areas which are listed below.

Educational and research activities fall into three main categories namely: Solid Mechanics, Thermal Fluid Science and Manufacturing Technology.

Laboratory experiments are good assistance to lecture courses and are designed to illustrate and to supplement concepts introduced in the lectures. Laboratories are well-equipped with a variety of computing facilities and workshops.

Major laboratories are : Heat transfer; fluid mechanics; thermodynamics; hydro pneumatics; vibration and dynamics of machines; nondestructive testing and exact measurement systems, together with advanced laboratories such as CAD/DAM, robotics, CNC and a special production shop. Major workshops include: welding; casting; modeling and metal forming.

Research activities and interests include: Robotics; design and optimization of robots; shell and plate; internal combustion engine design and optimization; computational fluid dynamics; numerical methods; adaptive and fuzzy control and design of CNC machines.

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