System Dynamics & Control Lab.

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Mansour Kabganian

The System Dynamics and Control Research Laboratory (SDCRL) was founded by Prof. Mansour Kabganian in 1985.

Since its inception in 1985 we have undertaken a variety set of projects in Vehicle Dynamics, Space Systems and MEMS. Research emphasis has been focused in Simulation and Modeling and developing new interfaces for Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing.

Research Projects:
  • Requirement Energy of a Spacecraft in De-orbiting Maneuver, 2011.
  • Design of a Micro-Satellite Attitude Controller via Tracking Error Minimization Considering Energy Level Requirement, 2010.
  • Modeling and Simulation of a Micro-Accelerometer (20g), 2010.
  • Study of the Effect of Micro/Nano Technology on the Aerospace Industry, 2009.
  • Modeling and Design of a Capsular Microrobot via Energy Criteria, 2008.
  • Design of a Snake Microrobot with New Actuators, 2007
  • Dynamical Modeling and Control of a Flexible Satellite Considering the Actuators and Sensors Effect, 2004.
  • Design and Manufacturing of a Brake Vehicle Tester, 2004.
  • Stability Analysis of Road Vehicle under Straight Line Braking, 2003.
  • Modeling and Attitude Control System Design for a Satellite, 2003.
  • Adaptive Control of a Capsular Microrobot based on Identification and Experimental Validation of IPMC Actuator (Ph.D. Theses, Defended).
  • Adaptive Control of a Flexible Arm with Joints Friction (Ph.D. Theses, Defended).
  • Robust Mixed Filter Design for Attitude-Heading Reference Systems (Ph.D. Theses, Defended).
  • Adaptive Attitude Control of Flexible Satellites and Spacecrafts (Ph.D. Theses, Defended).
  • Adaptive Attitude Control of Satellites with Time-Varying Uncertainties (Ph.D. Theses, Defended).
  • Modeling, Simulation and Control of a Capsular Microrobot Accompanied with Hardware in the Loop Experiment (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Design and Modeling of Snake-Robot with Novel Actuator (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Dynamical Modeling and Adaptive Control of a Microrobot with Friction (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Analysis of Vehicle Stability under Braking in Steady Cornering Maneuver (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • A Comprehensive and Flexible Simulator (using Bound Graf Method) for Vehicle Dynamic Behavior (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • On-Line Parameter Identification of a Road Vehicle (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Stability Analysis and Modeling of a Flexible Satellite (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Semi-Industrial Modeling of a Satellite (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Dynamic Modeling and Trajectory Control of a Satellite with Orbital Disturbances (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Stability Analysis of a Road Vehicle under Brake Action (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Adaptive Control of a Manipulator with Joints Friction Identification (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Adaptive Vehicle Slip Control with Repeated and Abrupt Change in Parameters (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Adaptive Control of a Moving Robot (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Adaptive Control of Mobile Robots with Flexible Links (M.Sc. Theses, Defended).
  • Projects in the Design and Implement Attitude Control for a Satellite (B.Sc. Project, Defended 2010)
  • This Project has chosen as the best B.Sc. project by ISME and won the 2011 Annual Award.
  • Projects in the Stability of Re-Entry Flying Vehicles (B.Sc. Project, Defended)
  • Modeling, Identification and Experiment Validation of a IPMC (B.Sc. Project, Defended)
  • Projects in the Modeling and Design of a Legged Microrobot (B.Sc. Project, Defended)
  • Projects in the Adaptive Lateral Control for a Vehicle via SbW (B.Sc. Project, Defended)
Research Focus / Goals:
Our current research interests may be summarized as the application of the principles of dynamics and control to a set of projects in the Dynamic and Control of Space Systems. Current research projects are on Attitude Dynamics, Space Systems, Formation Flying, Space Robotics, Orbital Mechanics and Structural Dynamics.
Equipment (Experimental lab)
  • 3-Dof Attitude Tester (Manufactured in 2011)
  • 1-Dof Attitude Tester (Manufactured and Patented in 2011)
  • Experimental Gyroscope (Manufactured in 2012)
  • SMA and IPMC actuators
  • Industrial Balancing Machine
  • Load Cell
  • Solar Cell
  • Laser Distance Measurement Sensor
  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • Power Supply
  • Voltmeter

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