Acoustic Lab

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 Abdolreza Ohadi  
Date Student Name Type Title of Thesis No.
February 2012 Hojjat Heidari Theoretical
Gearbox fault diagnosis at a variable speed using wavelet transform and intelligent classification methods 1
February 2012 Seyyed Alireza Hosseini Experimental Experimental study of noise interaction between two out let of a squirrel-cage fan 2
February 2012 Yadollah Rasekhipour Theoretical
Vibration control of engine via MR engine mounting system and verification of the behavior of the mount using HILS technique 3
February 2012 Masoud Hemmatian Theoretical
Robust control of flexible rotor system with mr bearings 4
February 2012 Parizad Karbasi Theoretical
Active noise control in outdoor environment 5
February 2012 Naser Elmi Theoretical
Design, analysis and implementation of active front steering on a rc-car 6
2010 until now Vahid Dabbagh Theoretical
An active-passive noise control in an enclosure using smart foam 7
2010 until now Ahmad Mahdian Theoretical
Vibration control of nonlinear sandwich plate with viscoelastic core 8
2010 until now Alireza Nikpoorian Theoretical
Design and experimental implementation of active noise control of power unit 9
2010 until now Mohammad Hossen Gharavian Experimental Fault detection of internal combustion engine using acoustic and vibration signal 10
2010-2011 Mostafa Irannejad Theoretical
Fault detection of samand gearbox based on signal analysis using EMD technique 11
February 2011 Reza Keshavarz Theoretical
Optimal layer sequencing of anisotropic porous materials for maximizing noise absorption 12
February 2011 Navid Azadi Theoretical
Simulation and experimental investigation of fuzzy-neural network active noise control in a 3D enclosure with a flexible panel 13
October 2010 Milad Jalali Theoretical
Optimal placement of sensors and actuators in cluster control of acoustic potential energy of a cavity 14
July 2010 S.S., Shojaei Experimental Design of active noise control headset 15
July 2010 A.H., Zamanian Theoretical
A comparative study in fault diagnosis in gearbox with the aid of hilbert-huang transform and exact wavelet transform 16
June 2010 H., Ghaednia Theoretical
Semi-active vibration control of smart rotor bearing system 17

Research Focus:
The main research purposes of the acoustics lab is currently focused on:
-  Active and Passive Noise Control
- Outdoor and indoor Sound Reduction
- Smart Materials (e.g. Smart Foam, MR fluid, …)
Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection
Semiactive vibration reduction
Vibration Isolators
No. Equipment Features Year Description
1 DSP Board TMS 320 VC 552 9AC 2010 Data Processing
2 Data Acquisition Board PCI-1710-B 2008 Data Acquisition
3 Microphone BEHRINGER 2009 Measure of Acoustic Pressure
4 Microphone BSWA TECH 2011 Measure of Acoustic Pressure
5 Function Generator Matrix-MFG 8219A 2009 Manufacture of Signal
6 DC Power Supply MP-3005D 2009 Amplification of Signal
7 Gearbox Test   2010 Gear fault diagnosis
8 Condition Monitoring System 32 Channal Vibro Rack 1600   Data Acquisition
9 Bus Mixer Sound System BEHRINGER XENYX 802 2009 Mixer and Amplification of Sound
10 MP3 Power Amplifier BNK-BK 222 2009 Mixer and Amplification of Sound
11 Bearing System Using Magnetorheologic Fluids      
12 Oscilloscope YOKOGAWA- DL4200 2008  
13 PVDF Sheet 28 micrometer thickness 2012  
14 Acoustic Enclosure 30*40*70 cm 2010 Wall: 16 mm MDF Wood
15 Accelerometer ICL 14 2010 Max: 10g (m/s^2)

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