Automatic Control Lab.

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Mahyar Naraghi  

Technician:parvaneh Ahmadvand
The Automatic Control lab has been founded in 2002 to promote control science for Mechanical engineering students. The lab is prepared to acquaintance students with experimental issues of control theories. System identification and Control implementation via PLC, Microchip and Pc are main purposes of the lab.
Research Goals:
1-      Identification, Modeling and Control of mechanical systems
2-      Real time control and real time computing
3-      Experimental implementation and optimization of control laws
4-      Manufacturing and Control of autonomous robots

Technician:parvaneh Ahmadvand
Usage Specification Equipment name  
- Modeling, Identification and Control of DC/AC motor  Feedback, MS 150-S  Modular Servo System
- Modeling, Identification and Control of Heating systems
- Study of delay in control
 Feedback, PCS 326  Heating Process Trainer
 Analog mixed controller  Feedback, PCS 327  Process Control Simulator 3
- Modeling, Identification and Control  Quanser, SRV02-Rotflex  Flexible Joint
- Modeling, Identification and Control  Quanser, SRV02-Flexgage  Flexible Link
- Modeling, Identification and Control  Quanser, SRV02-Rotpen-E  Rotary Inverted Pendulum  (Fruta)
- PLC training
- Industrial Control training
 S7 200, Analog expansion, HMI, DC motor, Step motor, PT100, Light sensor, Micro Switch, Relay  PLC Education set
- Microcontroller programming training
- Controlling by microcontroller
 PIC 16F877A, Parallel IO, Serial IO, Keypad, 7-Segment, LCD output, PT sensor, Binary IO  MICRO Controller MK1 set
- Building robot
- Controlling robot
 LEGO MindStorm  LEGO MindStorm 9
- Building robot
- Controlling robot
 LEGO Robotics Invention  LEGO Robotics Invention 10
- Measurement device  Advantech, PCLD-8710  Data acquisition board 11
     Signal generating and measurement systems 12

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