Automechanic Work shop

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  • Overview (History, Motivation, Outstanding features)
Automechanics workshop has been operating since 45 years ago with the aim of teaching the students full structure and components and ancillaries of internal combustion engines, operation of them and after sales services of engines.
The workshop has about 500m2 area, full necessary tools, one dynamometer, one engine tune-up and diagnosis machine and around 45 used passenger car engines for students training.
  • Research Focus / Goals
Some research work has also been done in this workshop which some of the important ones are listed below:
-          Design of a variable lift value train and manufacturing proto-type of it (1389-88)
-          Design of a variable compression ratio engine by means of varying engine stroke and manufacturing a proto-type of it (1389-8)
-          Design of an intelligent cooling system and manufacturing a proto-type of it (1388)
-          Design of an electronic control unit for a SI engine and manufacturing a proto-type of it and running an engine with it (1383-84)
-          Application of two barrel fixed venture carburetor on Paykan engine (1372-1374)
-          The workshop has a maximum capacity of training 140 students per a calendar year

  • People (Education, Specialty)
The workshop has 3 personnel led by:
Davoud Bahmanpour
Member of Academic staff
B.Sc., M.Sc.,

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