Special services: Faculty Members Students Graduates
Contest: Experiences of Teaching Assistants
Deadline to submit: 22 September
Audience: All Engineering Students
Evaluation Criteria: Innovation and Creativity, Ability to Generalize to Other Courses, Quality of Films and Reports Presented, Applicability and Development of Industry-Related Skills, Feedback from Undergraduate Students
 | Post date: 2021/09/4 | 
Networking Workshop
Networking Online Workshop: Designing and managing powerful links to promote your goals
Instructor: Sepideh Jolkhani Niaraki
Date: Thursday and Friday 26th and 27th of August from 3 to 6 p.m.
 | Post date: 2021/09/4 | 
Big Contest of "Ghadir, the Jewel of the Guardianship"
Seyyed Ali Mohammadpour announced the having a big competition "Ghadir, the jewel of the Guardianship" at the same time with the arrival of Eid of Ghadir in the four aspects of Ghadir sermon, mobile film, photography, and painting with topics related to Eid of Ghadir.
 | Post date: 2021/09/4 | 
Third Round of AUT Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Student Lecture Series (AAISS)
The AUT Scientific Association of Computer Engineering holds a series of lectures on data science and artificial intelligence for students, including presentations and workshops. Workshops will be held from 25th to 29th of August and presentations will be held from 31st of August to 3rd of September.
 | Post date: 2021/09/4 | 
Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) Dr. Iqbal Shakeri, a Parliament Member: "ACECR Needs Special Attention."
On the forty-first anniversary of the establishment of ACECR, we conducted a short interview with Dr. Iqbal Shakeri about this institution. ACECR is an academic institution that engages in innovative research and development projects in different fields of science and technology and real-world applications.
 | Post date: 2021/09/1 | 
Call for National Technology Grant Program
To expand and develop the national power in knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship,
 | Post date: 2021/08/2 | 
IdeasBazaar for Polymer Engineering
IdeasBazaar Event for Polymer Engineering organized by Sahand University of Technology and with collaboration of AUT IdeasBazaar will be held.
 | Post date: 2021/08/2 | 
Startup Camp to prepare individuals for the Job Market
According to the public relations of AUT, Startup Camp Preparing Individuals for Job Market will be held by relying on the successful startup experiences in Iran and using experienced professors by university's vice-chancellor for culture, and skill and employment club.
 | Post date: 2021/08/2 | 
Announcement: Workshop in Construction Alleys
AUT Skills and Employment Club plans to strengthen soft skills as well as to get students acquainted with individual development paths and personal branding, will hold a workshop in this area.
 | Post date: 2021/08/2 | 
Consortium MOU of the Top Five Iranian Universities Extended
According to public relations of AUT and Tehran University of Medical Sciences, meeting of the chancellors of the member universities in the consortium of the top five universities of Iran (5TIUC) was held with the extension of the five-year MOU and honoring the leaders of the international association of universities.
 | Post date: 2021/08/2 | 
Development and Productivity Meeting on Technical Capacities of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
A meeting of professors and experts of cryptocurrency titled "Opportunities, Challenges, Gglobal Commercialization Trends, and Application of Emerging Technologies" was held in AUT
 | Post date: 2021/08/2 | 
2nd International Conference on Rheology
The Iranian Society of Rheology (ISR) is pleased to announce the 2nd International Conference on Rheology (ICOR 2021) which will be held in December 14 and 15, 2021 at the Amirkabir University of Technology.
 | Post date: 2021/07/6 | 
The First International Scientific Conference on Blockchain, Economy, and Cryptocurrencies
This conference will be held by the Innovation of Technology Club of UNESCO and the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO around three major topics: Blockchain, Science and Development - The Applications of Blockchain in Technology and Industry – and Blockchain and the Economy of Financial and International Markets. The Conference will be held in the summer of 2021.
 | Post date: 2021/06/21 | 
The IdeasBazaar of Nano-Technology in Health Crisis
The IdeasBazaar of Technology in Health Crisis will be held by AUT and Iran University of Medical Sciences in September 2021.
 | Post date: 2021/06/21 | 
The Closing Ceremony of the Kamand National Event
The closing ceremony of the Kamand National Ceremony for the female students was held on the anniversary of Fatimah al-Masumah’s birthday and Daughter’ Day in AUT.
 | Post date: 2021/06/21 | 
Book Reading Contest: “Elections in Imam Khomeini’s Thought”
The head of the AUT Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research announced the news and added, “on the 32nd anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s demise and the 13th presidential elections, the AUT Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research has designed a contest based on “Tebyan” series about elections (published by the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works).
 | Post date: 2021/06/21 | 
“Around a Selection” Meeting
“Around a Selection” meeting focusing on academic dialogue about the 2021 Presidential Election was held in AUT by the Islamic association of students as well as the professors and staff of AUT.
 | Post date: 2021/06/21 | 
The Second National Award for Logistics and Supply Chain
The second national award for logistics and supply chain was held in AUT on June 2nd, 2021. The award aimed to promote and raise awareness about specialized discussions on logistics and supply chain in the field of production and services.
 | Post date: 2021/06/21 | 
The 5th National Conference and Specialized Workshops of the Nano Science and Technology
The 5th national conference and its specialized workshops of the Nano science and technology will be held virtually from August 28 – 31, 2021, hosted by The Amirkabir University of Technology on behalf of the Iranian Nanotechnology Association.
 | Post date: 2021/06/7 | 
The Ideasbazaar of Biomedical Engineering
The Biomedical Engineering Ideasbazaar event of The Amirkabir University of Technology will be held in July 2021. The goal of this event is to identify major technologists and ideas to recruit and establish them in the Center of Innovation in the Department of Biomedical Engineering of AUT and solve technological challenges in the form of holding “Reverse Engineering for Technological Manufacturing and Localizing Medical Equipment”.
 | Post date: 2021/06/7 |