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Applied Mechanics

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students of "Mechanical Engineering- Applied Mechanics " of the Amirkabir University of Technology will graduate after passing 32 credits as described in Table(1).
Table (1) - Course and number of master's degree courses in the field (Applied Mechanics), , ,.
Row Course Credit Number Considerations
1 Mandatorycourses (required)  From Table (2)   with Project
2 Selected coursesFrom Table
  1. (3) with the opinion of the supervisor
3 Optional courses From Table (3) or (4),    
* Up to two courses can be selected from outsidetables 3 and 4, with the help of the supervisor
** From the second semester, each student can take a maximum of two courses (6 credits) from other master's degree areas in mechanics or other engineering disciplines, following the subject of his / her project and with the approval of the supervisor and the council of the faculty's specialized department.
Table (2) - (required) master's degree courses "Applied Mechanics"
  Course Table      
* SUBJECT CODE UNITS Prerequisites
1 Advanced Mathematics      
2 Seminar      
3 Project      
  1. Project
* Both "Advanced Mathematics" and "Seminar" courses are taken in the first year of study
Table (3) Specialized- Selected courses for a master's degree in the field "Applied Mechanics"

  Course Table      
* SUBJECT CODE UNITS Prerequisites
1 Advanced numerical method      
2 Continuum mechanics      
3 Advanced Mathematics (II)      
4 Elasticity (I)      
5 Elasticity Theory (II)      
6 Plasticity      
7 Thermo Elasticity      
8 Theory of plates and shells      
9 Creep, Fatigue &Failure      
10 The behavior of composite structures under impact load      
11 Viscoelasticity      
12 Impact mechanics (I)      
13 Experimental stress analysis      
14 Selected topics-Inhomogeneous material theory      
15 Mechanical behavior of materials      
16 Composite materials mechanics      
17 Selected topics-Cellular solids      
18 Advanced control      
19 Advance dynamics      
20 Continuous vibration sys.      
21 Advanced Robotic      
22 Nonlinear dynamics and chaos      
23 Dynamics of multi-body structures      
24 Micro electro-mechanical systems      
25 Vehicle dynamics      
26 Dynamic systems                  
27 Nonlinear vibration      
28 Modal analysis of Mechanical systems      
29 Random vibration      
30 Advanced engineering acoustics      
31 Nonlinear control      
32 Adaptive control      
33 Robust control      
34 Digital control      
35 Optimal control      
36 Advanced machine design      
37 Selected topics- Design for construction and interconnection      
38 Finite elements (I)      
39 Design and statistical analysis of tests      
40 Reliability of mechanical systems      
41 Optimal design mech. pieces      
42 Finite elements (II)      
43 Composite technology, forming processes & lab      
Table (4) Specialized- Optional Courses in Master's Degree in "Applied Mechanics"
  Course Table      
* SUBJECT CODE UNITS Prerequisites
1 Composites and their application in medical engineering      
2 Fuzzy control      
3 Fuzzy systems      
4 Multivariable Control Systems      
5 Neural network      
6 Pattern recognition      
7 System recognition      
8 Artificial intelligence      
9 Modeling and Simulation      
10 Digital Signal Processing      
11 Optimization method      
12 Condition monitoring      
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