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The number of credits in the 96 and then 36 credits, of which 12 are educational credits and 24 are research credits. At the discretion and request of the supervisor, the incoming student in 1996 and after is obliged to take 1 or 2 courses more than 12 credits of educational course and for scholarship students and brilliant talent (without exams), the cost of these courses up to 18 credits is not the responsibility of the student.
Students are required to choose a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 credits per semester unless less than 6 credits are remaining.
The incoming student in 1996 and aftermust complete all his/her courses by the end of the fourth semester.
If a Ph.D. student has passed a course ina master's degree, he or she will not be allowed to take the same course in the doctorate.
The desired courses should be selected based on the opinion of the supervisor (s), the student's field of interest, and the courses required for the dissertation.
Students are only allowed to take 2 courses from which is presented as a selected topic.
Ph.D. students can only take 2 courses (if they are in line with their dissertation) outside the faculty.
To take a course in other faculties of the university, the approval of the supervisor and the graduatedassistance of the faculty and to pass the course in other universities (only one course) requires the approval of the supervisor, the top and rank of the university and the course professor and the approval of the graduate council.
The maximum number of courses a Ph.D. student can take with a professor is 2 of the total approved courses.
After the approval of the courses, any change in the approved courses (to a limited extent and with a justification of the reasons) is possible only with the approval of the supervisor (s) and the approval of the Graduate Council of the Faculty.
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