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Mechanical engineering can be considered the most comprehensive field of engineering in terms of the variety of topics covered, or in other words, the mother of many engineering disciplines.According to this point and the need of the country to empower its native graduates, in addition to their actual capabilities, in compiling and designing construction processes for the country's self-sufficiency, the Mechanical Engineering Committee of the Engineering Technical Department of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the 106th session of the High Planning Council, dated 8 - 6 - 1989, approved the field of manufacturing engineering for implementation in the faculties of mechanical engineering.
The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the AmirKabir University of Technology, as a prelude to the establishment of this field, has played a prominent role in the development and growth of manufacturing engineering over the past 30 years.So far, it has been successful to train students in this field who have playedimportant role in launching industries, manufacturing precise and complex parts in the country for the first time, and self-sufficiency of the country.Also, based on this success, it has been able to attract the best rankings of the applicants for the entrance exams in the bachelor's degree, especially the master's and doctoral degrees.

Manufacturing engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering in which the graduates of this field use the laws of engineering, physics, and mathematics to analyze, design, and construct optimal and economical equipment and machinery required by various industries.

The objectives of the study in the field of manufacturing engineering are:
  1. Deep understanding of the basic concepts of mechanical engineering - construction and production.
  2. Learning methods for identification, analysis, formulation (modeling) and simulation of mechanical engineering problems - manufacturing engineering in theory and experiment
  3. Learning concept design, optimizing, upgrading and presenting products, processes and new systems by the needs of the country
  4. Familiarity with manufacturing methods, tools, and equipment
  5. Familiarity with the design of manufacturing processes and tools
  6. Provide creative and up-to-date approaches for optimal product design and manufacturing
  7. Familiarity with the knowledge and applied topics of other engineering disciplines in optimizing materials, products, manufacturing methods and cost to produce quality
  8. Skill in creating a business in the field of product design and manufacturing
  1. Deep knowledge based on mechanical engineering - manufacturing engineering to identify the problem.
  2. Ability to analyze and present mathematical models for identified problems.
  3. Ability to simulate and solve with the help of a software or provide experimental and laboratory models.
  4. Ability to analyze post-processing of simulation
  5. Ability to expand the results obtained from small issues to large and industrial dimensions.
  6. Ability to check the economics of the proposed plan.
  7. Ability to design products, production tools, and design processes considering the possibility of manufacturing and related economic issues.
  8. Ability to model, design, analyze and build with the help of relevant software
  9. Ability to optimize (considering the economic and environmental issues).
  10. Ability to work in group projects and multi-disciplines.
  11. Adherence to observeengineering ethics.
  12. Documentation and presentation of engineering achievements in approved guidelines.
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