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Energy Conversion

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For a list of MSc level coursesin Energy Conversion:
Students must take 11 credits Mandatory Courses from the following list:
  Course Table      
* SUBJECT CODE UNITS Prerequisites
1 Advanced Mathematics      
2 Seminar      
3 Project      
The student can choose 21 credits of the following optional courses with the opinion of their supervisor. Students are allowed to choose a maximum of two courses from the table of optional courses in other fields or master's courses in other fields of engineering with the opinion of their supervisor.
  Course Table      
* SUBJECT CODE UNITS Prerequisites
1 Advanced Fuels and Combustion      
2 Numerical optimization methods      
3 Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics      
4 Continuum mechanics (I)      
5 Advanced heat transfer (conduction)      
6 Advanced heat transfer (convection)      
7 Advanced heat transfer (radiation)      
8 Turbulence      
9 Direct energy conversion      
10 Advanced fluid mechanics      
11 Boundary layers theory      
12 Advanced measurement method                
13 Advanced thermodynamics      
14 Fuel cell systems      
15 Advanced numerical method      
16 Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)      
17 Compressible CFD      
18 Incompressible CFD      
19 Hydropower plant      
20 Advanced Hydraulic      
21 Advanced Gas Dynamics      
22 Advanced internal combustion engines      
23 Hydrodynamic instability      
24 Two phases of gas-solid flow      
25 Advanced HVAC      
26 Courses entitled Special topics      
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