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Office Introduction and Guide
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering                      Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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Faculty of Computer, Faculty of Medical Engineering
October 2016
Students of Master of Mechatronics, Welcome
By attracts dear's attention to the following points:
  1. All students are required to register for courses according to the educational calendar announced by the Graduate Office of the University. Students of Mechanical Engineering register through the "Graduate Studies Office of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering located in the sixth floor of the Abu Reihan Building" and students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering through the "Graduate Office of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering located in the fourth floor".
  2. In the first semester, the student advisor is the director of the mechatronics department.All students are required to consult with the advisor before the registration deadline.After registration, cancellation, and addition, the registration form will be approved by the advising professor and then delivered to the graduate office of the faculty.
  3. The student's first supervisor is recommended to be selected by the end of October by selecting a student from among the faculty members related to their entrance field (electricity or mechanics) and the field of interest.Student guidance will be provided through them.The names of the faculty members of the mechatronics group are given in appendix one.
  4. The duration of the master's degree course is 4 semesters.During the course, students take 8 courses (24 credits) along with 2 seminar credits and 6 research project credits.A maximum of two compensationcourses for students is defined by the group, which students will take in the first semester.The following is the course's program.
  5. The topic of the students' thesis should be proposed by the end of March of the academic year.
  6. After the deadline for cancellation and addition, there is no cancellation of the course for master's students.
Compensatory courses (Table 1)

Row Course Name Credit
1 Basics of mechatronics – electrical engineering1 (Interface Circuit, Microcontrollers, and Practical drives)
1 Basics of mechatronics – electrical engineering2 (For Mechanical Engineering Students)
(Signals and systems, Digital Processing, Filters, Sampling, and reconstruction)
1 Basics of mechatronics – Fundamentals of mechanical engineering1
  1. (For Electrical Engineering Students)
(Statics, Strength of materials)
1 Basics of mechatronics – Fundamentals of mechanical engineering2
  1. (For Electrical Engineering Students)
(Dynamics, Vibration, Dynamics of Machinery)
1 Basics of mechatronics – Fundamentals of mechanical engineering3
  1. (For Electrical Engineering Students)
(Thermodynamic I&II, Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer)
  • courses (Table 2)
  Course Table      
* SUBJECT CODE UNITS Prerequisites
1 Mechatronics1 (Sensors, drives, hydraulic and pneumatic systems)      
2 Mechatronics2 (principles of aggregation in mechatronic systems)      
  1. Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Specialized-Optional courses (Table 3)
  Course Table      
* SUBJECT CODE UNITS Prerequisites
1 Advanced automatic control (modern control)      
2 Control of mechatronic systems (Industrial Control 2)      
3 Advanced Robotics      
4 Advanced Vibrations      
5 Direct energy conversion      
6 Principles of accurate system design      
7 Computational intelligence (Application of it in mechatronics)      
8 Modeling of mechatronic systems      
Specialized-Optional courses (Table 4)
  Course Table      
* SUBJECT CODE UNITS Prerequisites
1 Simulation and modeling in Biomechatronics      
2 Artificial intelligence and expert systems      
3 Quality management and operations      
4 Business Administration      
5 Industrial automation      
6 Electric drive control      
7 Finite Element Method      
8 Theory and Technology of Semiconductors      
9 Automation in production      
10 New Materials Technology: Compound, Multilayer, Covered      
11 Real-time systems      
12 Computer Simulation      
13 Advanced hydraulics and pneumatics      
14 Optimization in design and production      
15 Machine vision      
16 Artificial Intelligence      
17 System recognition      
18 Neural networks      
19 Sensitization and Robot Calibration      
20 Quality production planning and control      
21 Operators      
22 Sensors      
23 Principles of the product line design      
  1. Other courses in postgraduate from the relevant faculties with the approval of the supervisor and the group council

Important points in selecting courses
According to the table of courses, pay attention to the following points in selecting a credit
Every student must take compensatory and mandatory courses. Students with a degree in mechanical engineering choose two compensatory courses, rows 1 and 2 of Table 1. Students with a degree in electrical engineering choose the compensatory course of row 3 of table 1 and one of the two compensatory courses of rows 4 and 5 of table 1.
With the approval of the supervisor, each student must take three courses from Table 3 as specialized courses (Onecourse from rows 1 or 2, onecourse from rows 3 to 5 and one coursesfrom rows 6 to 8).
Students can take the remaining two optional courses with the help of supervisors in case of presenting the remaining courses in Table 3 and Table 4 or passing the optional courses in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Medical Engineering.Also, students can choose one of the two optional courses from among the optional courses of other faculties of the university, according to the offer of the supervisors and the approval of the relevant faculty.
Students with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering are not allowed to select the 2nd-row course of Table 3.
Students with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering - Manufacturing Engineering are not allowed to select the 6th-row course in Table 3.
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