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S. Mehdi Rezaei  

The Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems laboratory was formed in 1981 in mechanical engineering department. The training systems in this laboratory provide undergraduate and graduate students with practice-oriented knowledge in the areas hydraulics, pneumatics ,electropnuematics and robotics. By means of the training systems, students work out practical exercises and gain technical specialized knowledge step-by-step.
Research Focus:
In this laboratory mechanical engineering students use the equipments to study fluid power with the eventual goal of working in the fluid power industry after they graduate.
Research Projects:
  • Design and implementation of an intelligent automated system for container handling (2012)
  • A study on nonlinear behavior of hydraulic proportional valves (2011)
  • Design and analysis of a pneumatic molding electro hydraulic system (2004)
  • Design, analysis and simulation of a control hydraulic system for cranes (2003)
The main components in the laboratory are:
Hydraulic power units-various types of directional, Flow and pressure hydraulic valves-control blocks for the electrohydraulic systems-cylinders and hydromotors-accumulators -the same units in pneumatic systems and a 6-DOF manipulator for graduate students.
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